IGT Venezia Giulia

Area of originVineyards in Precenicco (Udine)

Soil type Clay soil

Grape varietal 100% Sauvignon

Training system Sylvoz, 3700 vines/ha

Vinification Maceration with skins at 41 ° F (5 ° C) for 7/8 hours, pressed gently, first-pressing must, fermentation at a controlled temperature 65 ° F (18 ° C)

Ageing Maturation in stainless steel tanks

Alcohol content 12.50%

Characteristics An elegant wine with an aromatic scent that is similar to yellow pepper, melon and banana. Its flavor is dry and velvety

Pairing It pairs well with prosciutto based starters and saltwater fish dishes

Serving temperature Serve at 46-50 ° F (8-10 ° C)

EAN code: 8032869490083

Packaged in 6-bottle packs