• Teutonic Knights
  • Towards Jerusalem

After the Roman times came the middle ages and the Knights Templar

Precenicco, the town our company is based in, was an important port during the Roman times, all ships from from Aquileia to Ravenna called at Precenicco. During the Middle Ages it was controlled by the Teutonic Knights, they were the feudal lords there until the XVII century. In the area surrounding the Baccichetto property, in borgo Titiano, there is much evidence of the local Roman and Middle Ages history.

A church located on the street leading to Jerusalem

Among the many pieces of historical heritage that surround our company lands, one of the most interesting is the church of Our Lady of the Snows. It was built in the XIII century, probably on top of even older Byzantine remains, and it was a place where pilgrims could stop and find shelter while being on their journey towards the Holy Land. On the natural stone architrave on the big entrance portal you can still see some coats-of-arms that are tangible traces of the passage of the Neo-Crusaders who belonged to the Order of the Teutonic Knights of Saint Mary in Jerusalem.