• Latisana DOC Area
  • Our grapes and lands

Latisana DOC: a perfect habitat for the vines

Our vineyards, managed mainly by Paolo Baccichetto, stretch over about 70 hectares in the DOC Friuli Latisana area, the southern part of Friuli Venezia Giulia, one of the most devoted winemaking regions in Italy. The environment conditions of this DOC area are exceptionally favorable to vine cultivation thanks to the proximity to the sea which brings warm and salty waters to the inland, producing a milder climate. In this environment, extremely pleasant and aromatic wines are produced.

The best grapes from the most fertile soils and lands

The company soils are varied: the lands located south of the river “Aghe bune” (Good Water) are below tide level and are loamy (perfect for growing grapes for red wine because they enhance structure and sugar level of the grapes); those lands located north of the “Aghe bune” river are instead at sea level so they are rich in clay and mineral salts (these soils are perfect for white wine production especially Friulano and Prosecco wine.